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Bomber Jacket like A Pro

How to Style a Bomber Jacket like A Pro

How to combine a bomber jacket? A garment has been in our wardrobe for decades, it is not entirely comfortable to wear it correctly until now. Here at Freddy Chico, we offer you some great ideas and styling tips to style basic, printed, or embroidered champion bomber jacket. You will want to wear them all!

Ideas to wear your usual or embroidered champion bomber jacket like never before

We all know how casual outfits are friends with bomber jackets. However, is an evening outfit possible with an embroidered champion bomber jacket? So are you looking to break all the rules this season with Freddy Chico bomber jacket on sale? Check this out!

Create irresistible day-to-day looks with your favorite Freddy Chico bomber jacket on sale!

If you look closely, the bomber jacket often seems to play hide and seek in our closet. There were occasions and times when a bomber jacket was in the first row. Flaunting a bomber is essentially a chic’s take on bohemian fashion trends and styles. Nevertheless, now, with Freddy Chico bomber jacket on sale, the eclectic version of the embroidered champion bomber jacket has reinvented itself to stay in fashion for long!

The embroidered champion bomber jacket returns with everything to complement a daytime look. It is an urban look and a night look. If you look at the proposals with embroidered details, the answer is yes. Time to see how to combine a bomber jacket with style!

A feisty street look!

The street style lets us see a few proposals to turn 'sporty' bomber styles into a must-have for the season. Why? Well, because we have the bomber as the protagonist in our wardrobe this year. If you also want to take advantage of your embroidered champion bomber jacket, combine it like this:

Bet everything on 'color block.'

Pick your embroidered champion bomber jacket, which itself is unique and pair it with colors like the electric blue bottoms. Keep the top in neutral but stylish tones. You no more think that this type of jacket only goes well with jeans and basic shirts.

What do you think of the bombers in military green color?

Yes, you have had one in your wardrobe. Make them ideal night wearable or to check-in at the club. Pick your military bomber and pair it with flared pants, a shimmery shirt, and boots. You can also wear it with some joggers, white sneakers and a matching shirt. You have to put several of these combinations to choose the one that captures your heart! Are you missing on the Freddy Chico bomber jacket on sale? Do not!

Bomber jackets for your evening looks

Of course, yes! Fashionable and contemporary, our embroidered champion bomber jacket adapts to all kinds of contexts, even more, when it comes to the night and parties. Wear your favorite model with high-waist jeans and sneakers. You will be excited about how stunning you look wearing it.

Try a total metallic look

In addition, you will not regret it. How about a metallic bomber jacket and matching medium-rise long pants? Yes! Why not? Choose any black shirt you like and boots. You have two options to balance with the metallic of your set, choose them in white or with a golden streak. Ask your mirror which one you look best with, and you will have your answer.

Black and printed bomber jacket

We know and love the extra colorful and striking jacket combos that are now more fashionable than ever. However, that does not mean that we cannot opt ​​for a simple black printed bomber. What's more, they are pieces that go great to achieve a basic and impeccable evening look—namely, a black jacket, a basic short-sleeved white t-shirt, and dark and roll-up pants.

It is no surprise that the bomber is one of the most versatile jackets. At Freddy Chico, you will find a multitude of different styles and Freddy Chico bomber jacket on sale. Find the one you like best.

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