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The Importance of Lifting Each Other Up in Trying Times

Today's world has seen a lot of changes, and all of us are facing new challenges. These challenges are creating trying times for many both professionally and personally. We all have our own way of dealing with these changes, but one thing you may have seen is how we are beginning to appreciate one another more. With the quarantines, cancelation of social events, and the self-imposed seclusions many of us have endured, we can now appreciate how much we enjoy being social.

The world is not back to normal, and it is difficult to know when it will be, so lifting each other's spirits in any way possible is essential for all of us to get to the end of this pandemic together and healthy. The Coronavirus has certainly tested everyone's resolve and patience, yet a resilient spirit with Christianity is showing you how to lift yourself and others up during these trying times.

How Christianity Can Lift You Up During Trying Times

The Coronavirus has hit our world hard, and there are other troubles that can plague our lives outside of this virus. People are still struggling with their health, finances, marriages, and many other challenges. Christianity can help you through these storms to lift your spirits so you can turn to a friend and help them through with you.

Christianity gives you the grace that is going to sustain you and allow you to reach out to others during difficult times. These encouragements are something to cling to during the days, months, and years ahead:

1. Seek Wisdom

The Scriptures provide a wealth of encouragement and wisdom. You will find nothing out there that can compare to the truth found in the Word of God.

2. Pray

Never be afraid to ask God to intervene in your situation or that of loved ones.

3. Keep Sin Out

Just because times are tough, don't let that be an excuse to allow sin into your life. There may be new temptations in the world asking you to cut corners or damage your integrity, but you have to stay strong with all Christianity has taught you, and help others to stay strong with you.

4. Focus on Today- Don't Look at Yesterday

The saying which goes, "Don't ruin your today by looking back at how bad yesterday was" is such a true statement. Christianity teaches us to seek first his kingdom and righteousness, and all things will be given to you. These words break down to not worrying about tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of itself. Live each day in the present, neither looking back nor forward if it will only cause you pain.

5. Christianity Trusts in the Leading of the Spirit of God

Christianity believes Jesus promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to his followers. The Holy Spirit was sent to teach you all things and remind you of everything He said to you. Let God lead you in all righteousness no matter what is happening in the world.

Where to Learn More How Christianity Can Lift You Up During These Difficult Times

The Freddy Chico Show offers you the opportunity to discuss your troubling times with an ordained deacon. Freddy Chico speaks only the truth and will not sugar coat any answers he feels you need to keep your life on track. If you need lifting up or need to know how to help others, check out The Freddy Chico Show and hear the truth.

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