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What Does Black Lives Matter Mean to You?

In 2013, the acquittal of Trayvon Martin's murder resulted in the formation of Black Lives Matter. It has become a global network in Canada, the UK, and the United States. The mission of this organization is to build local power and end white supremacy.

By completing this mission it is the hope to fight violence imposed on black communities through the state and by vigilantes. Countering acts of violence and creating a space for black imagination and innovation is the goal. It is also a movement that centers on black joy so there are immediate improvements for black lives.

Black Lives Matter Organization is Expansive

The Black Lives Matter organization is a collection of liberators who believe is for a spacious and inclusive movement. In order to bring in as many followers as possible, they are moving beyond a narrow nationalism. This issue is already too prevalent in black communities. The movement must bring everyone to the front in order to be successful.

Black Lives Matter Affirms All Walks of Life

Black Lives Matter affirms all walks of life whether you are a black queer, undocumented, have a criminal record, are disabled, or are a trans-gender. The movement focuses on those of you who have been marginalized by black liberation movements. It also focuses on black lives that have been systematically targeted for demise.

Current Standings of Black Lives Matter

With the killing of George Floyd, the approval ratings for BLM have more than doubled. It has gone from an approval rating of 26% in 2016 to more than 55% today. Some of the beliefs BLM is fighting for include all black Americans receiving:

  • Minimum, livable income

  • Free, universal healthcare

  • Real estate

  • Food

  • Schooling in the form of full and free access to education

  • Retroactive forgiveness of student loans

  • Abortions

  • Gender reassignment surgery

  • An end to all jails as we know them

  • Disruption in the traditional family

  • Reparation on behalf of foreign nations

  • The formation of a global liberation movement to overturn US imperialism

Black Lives Matter is often not recognized as the political organization it is with an agenda to reshape the world. The media has not given its goals proper attention in the recent riots which ensued after George Floyd's killing. Black Lives Matter has instead become a black square on social media platforms.

What Black Lives Matter Represents

Black Lives Matter is not just a graphic or maxim to be used online. It has become a radical pressure group that holds a panoramic view of extremist, controversial positions. If you march under their banner, you are putting yourself in a position that identifies you as Black Lives Matter activist.

The platform of Black Lives Matter demands reparations for past and continuing harm. These reparations would include racialized capitalism and food apartheid. The new system it seeks would resemble those in Germany and France. It is also the goal of the movement to transform public schools into education centers for intersectional and multicultural studies. These centers would also provide comprehensive welfare programs that would include free abortions for minors.

Protests by Black Lives Matter peaked this past June when more than a million people, at more than 500 locations across the country gathered to express their beliefs and wants. It was a single day that triggered more than a month of protests, which some of them are continuing today.

Where Can You Express Your Views on Black Lives Matter?

The Freddy Chico Show allows for truthful conversations on any topic. If you have an opinion you want to share regarding Black Lives Matter, this is the platform for intelligent, meaningful conversations. Freddy Chico does not judge on gender, or skin color and is ready to hear your feelings regarding any topic of your choice.

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