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Why is Racism Cool Again?

Black Lives Matter is changing our views or has changed America's view on racism. What began as a hashtag, has become a definition of a generation. Black Lives Matter is changing the framework for how a nation talks about race. But when people come in contact with other organized ideologies, it builds people's prejudices into something altogether different and sometimes violent. This process showed itself in a Charlottesville rally where participants shouted, "White Lives Matter."

Black Lives Matter is a Movement, a Slogan, and a Rallying Cry

Is racism cool again? Has racism ever been cool? Black Lives Matter is an organization with a mission to eradicate white supremacy and intervene in the violence impacting black communities. Supremacy and violence are a product of racism. Racism of this magnitude has never and cannot ever again be considered 'cool.'

A professor at New York University, Eric Knowles, studies politics and prejudice. He has been studying what is known as 'everyday racism.' According to his studies, there has not been a significant change in the baseline levels of American's bias. He believes instead more toxic forms of racism are being unleashed.

Can Black Lives Matter Remove Racism?

Black Lives Matter is functioning as a catch-all for pro-black, anti-racist efforts that are existing independently of the organization. The cultural impact of the term, Black Lives Matter is being felt across the country and is especially prevalent on social media platforms. According to studies, however, to change bias in a culture, you have to change what is acceptable in society.

Everything a person is exposed to provides a message about what is bad and what is good. Black Lives Matter messages have to provide a check on people's outward attitude, so it can influence how you think internally. In order to challenge a person's deep-seated prejudices that are shaping your behavior, you have to unlearn implicit bias.

There have been gains in various racist issues, such as allowing interracial marriages, and the implementation of discrimination laws. However, interpersonal biases and the environment for racism are still in place. Black Lives Matter has made cultural progress, but even this organization isn't immune to criticism. Some are claiming that Black Lives Matter has lost its way.

There were at one point many passionate chapters that held rallies in response to violence. These rallies were once fresh and unique in their fight for justice, but have become ineffective. The ineffectiveness is blamed on operating in a rapid response mode where people and resources were deployed to quickly and bled their communities. Certain Black Lives Matter chapters are still making influential advances in their communities despite a lack of resources, but this issue is a significant concern for the movement.

Where You Can Talk About Your Ideas on Racism

Do you think racism is cool? What are your feelings on how the country's ideas have changed with the Black Lives Matter movement? The Freddy Chico Show wants to know what is on your mind and how you feel about it. This show offers a platform for you to discuss any topic and receive only the illuminating truth.

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