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How to Take the High Road When Dealing With a Bully

You hear a lot about bullying in the media today, but most often it is referring to high-school students who use social media, or elementary students bullying others on the playground. Bullying, however, is not limited to the young as older persons in the workforce, those involved with the legal system, or anyone dealing with someone who feels they are your superior will experience bullying.

Being bullied is not restricted to an age group or any other group as studies show it is happening to one in four people in any environment. So, the question is how do you take the high road and protect yourself against these bullies?

What Defines Bullying?

The definition of bullying is any repeated act of aggressive behavior. The behavior is meant to hurt you either mentally or physically. The bully is behaving in a manner to gain power over you and it is considered a form of abuse. There are different types of bullies:

  • Subordinate bullies

  • Gang bullies

  • Cyber bullies

  • Work bullies

  • Psychotic and sociopathic bullies

  • Verbal bullies

  • Physical bullies

  • Unwitting bullies

And you can find them at:

  • Government agencies

  • Schools

  • Work

  • Religious organizations

  • Social cliques

  • Internet

These aggressive people (bullies) usually have low self-esteem and a lot of resentment that is pushing them to project their own feelings of inadequacy. So how do you stand up against their behavior?

Stand Up and Take the High Road Against Bullying

The first step in standing up to a bully is recognizing that you do not have the problem, the bully has the problem. This type of person is often referred to as a 'paper tiger,' unless they are performing a physical form of abuse. Your best defense is to calmly stand up, confront them about their behavior, and assert your rights. This defense will almost always have the bully backing down.

Calling a bully out on their actions usually leaves them no place to go. You don't want to become the bully though when you respond to their attack. You want to remain calm and self-assured as you do not want to give them a reason to escalate their behavior. If you are not yet comfortable with standing up to your bully, at least begin slowly and stop playing into their behavior by trying to appease them.

Bullying thrives on reactions. If you let your bully know you are not affected or cowed by their behavior and quietly walk away, it will take a lot of steam out of their abuse. Remember the bully only has power over you if you engage in their game. When you have exposed your bully for what they are, and show they cannot affect you, they will slowly fade away.

Stand Up for Your Well-Being Against Bullying

A lot of people are afraid to speak out if they are experiencing bullying. Their reasoning can be afraid of what others will think to fear no one will believe them. It is important to speak out, however, as bullying can have a significant, negative impact on your overall well-being. Bullying can affect you both physically and mentally. If you are uncomfortable or afraid to stand up directly to your bully, find someone higher-up to help you stop this individual from ruining your life.

Want Advice on How to Take the High Road Against Bullying?

The Freddy Chico Show is an excellent platform for you to talk about your bullying. Freddy can offer you advice on bullying as this is one behavior he continues to help others fight. We all have equal rights and no one is entitled to behave superior to you by enacting bully tactics. On The Freddy Chico Show, you can share your story and receive an all-truth answer to your questions on how to stand up to bullies.

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