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Face Mask

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Essentials of Using a Face Mask

The use of face mask is essential in many professional sectors, in which a series of security, protection, and hygiene measures need urgent attention, such as the health, hospital, food, industry, or even aesthetic sector. The sanitary-surgical field is one where its use is most common. Experts believe that face masks are more effective against coronavirus than masks. Doctors, dentists, nurses, assistants, pharmacists, veterinarians, and even patients are very used to wearing a face mask.

By now, we already know that when we leave home, we should wear face masks to protect others from life-threatening infections. However, face masks can heat, irritate the skin, tarnish glasses, and make breathing difficult for some. People with hearing loss may also have difficulty communicating when everyone has their mouths covered, voices are muted, and facial expressions remain hidden. So wearing a face mask is a better choice? Well, yes, if you choose to wear soft, comfy, and washable face mask such as The Freddy Chico Show Face Mask.

Why choose Freddy Chico Show Face Mask?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to recommend using "fabric face masks in public places where other measures of social distancing are difficult to maintain." Some health experts point out that for those who do everyday activities and are not in high-risk, face masks made of fabric and layered for protection can be very useful and better in preventing infections. That is the reason we recommend you to get the Freddy Chico Show Face Mask.

Why wear a mask at all?

The main reason for use is to avoid or reduce the risk of contamination, virus transmission, contagion, or possible infections may transmit through the air.

The Freddy Chico Show Face Mask is a fantastic protection barrier against external pathogens. For this reason, it is essential that the caregivers' team that is in direct contact with the affected people use some facial protection. It is essential both for the health professional's health (nurses, doctors) and for the rest of the patients. The healthcare professional herself can carry disease and transmit it to her patients.

There are different types of masks, depending on their purpose. We can see the surgical-sanitary type, respirators, protective masks, washable masks, etc. Surgical masks can be rubber or tape, but they always work from the inside out. The mission is to prevent the spread of the mouth to the outside. While respirators, their mission is to protect from the outside. You can check out The Freddy Chico Show Face Mask.

How to use

  • The Freddy Chico Show Face Mask has a unique design that supports unlimited use. You can use it multiple times without hesitating. The duration of a mask is a few hours, depending on wear and its use.

  • Make sure your mouth and nose remain protected. Wear the mask properly to minimize the separation between the mask and face.

  • Avoid touching the mask during use. Whenever you touch a used mask, for example, to remove it or wash it, you have to wash your hands with soap and water or rubbing it with an alcohol-soaked wipe. As soon as the mask is wet, wash and dry it.

Advantages of the Freddy Chico show face mask

  • It transmits a feeling of hygiene, security, and confidence to the patients. Every time you wash/dry and use it again. It transmits greater confidence and comfort since it is always in perfect condition.

  • The patient feels protected against the risk of contagion or infection.

  • The Freddy Chico Show Face Mask keeps you protected for a long time. You can wash or sterilize at home. This is a tremendous economic and energy is saving benefit.

  • Comfortable, this mask is straightforward to wear and take care of. It adapts very well to the face.

At Freddy Chico, we have a wide range of The Freddy Chico Show Face Mask and products so that you and the health professionals feel comfortable and protected. Shop now and avail exciting offers.

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