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Benefits of Traveling With a Fanny Pack

Traveling is a fascinating and even liberating experience. For decades, people have traveled the world with one or several suitcases, bags, backpacks, and even handbags. However, going with The Freddy Chico fanny pack has many benefits and delights. Among the benefits:

It counts as a personal item

The best of excuses! If you travel in any airline, your small fanny pack will count as a personal item, and you will not have to pay anything to carry it.

You have everything in one place

Sometimes, during our trip, be it short or long, we need to have items on hand, and what better than having a single place to look for it. If you are clueless, you will save 4 to 5 turns from your wallet to your carry-on suitcase just by carrying a cute or custom printed fanny packs around your waist or wrapped around the shoulders. It is light and takes no space, and your hands stay free.

The easiest to put in your passport and essentials

You maximize space. Yes, with a fanny pack, you will not have to dig in your bag for a passport and boarding pass or ticket. It is always handy to have these essential documents conveniently and easy to access. If you are bored with the basic monotones and styles, check out the custom embroidered fanny pack available online.

It is portable

The Freddy Chico fanny pack not only fits in the compartment of your handbag but can also be with you at all times. Even if you want to ride a bicycle to reach your final destination, and a skateboard, it can accompany you anywhere. What better than that!

Chic and easy to carry

If your flight arrives early at its destination, and you cannot check-in at the hotel, you do not have to worry about carrying your carry-on or a big tote. With the fanny pack, you can continue with your schedule without any problem. You can keep your passport, ID, credit cards, tickets, reservation documents, etc. in this cute little bag and easily wander around without fear.

You can combine it with other items

If you are one of those who need a wallet, there is no problem because you can easily use your fanny pack as a wallet.

Keeps your hands free

That is so! There is nothing better than having your hands free when walking in busy places like airports, trains, buses, and shops. The Freddy Chico fanny pack allows you to use your hands to either hold onto the train, carry your purchases, or eat while standing in an uncomfortable area.

How to select a fanny pack for your trip?


The fanny pack is something you will carry for a long time, so keeping it padded is a good idea, especially the back and its handles. This helps relieve weight, and you will not experience pressure as a burden on your waist. On the other hand, many fanny packs also have a padded compartment for electronics. This option is excellent because this way you do not worry that the computer or cell phone is broken. Everything will be safer!

It has several compartments

If you are like me who does not like having everything in one place, having several compartments in your fanny pack is extremely important, make sure that you look for alternatives with several compartments.


Do not invest in a cloth fanny pack. Find a waterproof one. It is much better because it protects your belongings from water, the sun, and even high temperatures. Explore our range of custom embroidered fanny pack.

Comes in many sizes:

There are fanny packs of all colors and sizes, and you will see it while you are shopping. Of course, be very careful with large quantities because they are usually uncomfortable. The bigger they are, the more burden they have.

Come on, dare to explore other ways of traveling much more comfortable! In the 1980s, a fanny pack was all the rage. The fanny pack was an accessory that combined well with different garments. Then, during the 90s and 2000s, we resisted this accessory. Now it has returned renewed and with new ways to use it. It makes life easier and more practical for us. Shop the custom printed fanny packs here!

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