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How To Wear A Stylish Freddy Chico Hoodie?

How To Wear A Stylish Freddy Chico Hoodie

Many times you want to buy a black or a white hoodie (men's) that your favorite supermodel has been sporting. Once you receive it at home you ask yourself, "Now how do I wear this? Will I look good as the model advertised? What do I combine it with?" Well, here we will give you some exciting fashion tips.

Although the hoodies began as an exclusive sports garment, their style, comfort and resistance allowed them to be worn daily to protect from the cold. Little by little, they have been flooding the world of fashion. Currently, it doesn't seem as if we can imagine a clothing collection without printed hoodies. There is an extensive variety of hoodies available, so surely we can all find one to our liking, style and budget.

It all started with the classic, round-neck, thick hoodie with soft fleece lining inside and a blend of cotton and polyester outside. Years ago, hoodies were considered trendy, but then they were replaced by hooded models, and now they have returned with great force. You must have seen them in dozens of clothing stores, and design collections. We like them because they can be printed with whatever we want, and since they have pockets, a hood or a zipper.

Stylize a Freddy Chico Hoodie

In the last few seasons, we have experienced a change: an incredible invasion of our daily sports fashion. A tracksuit, a T-shirt, some joggers or a black hoodie (for women or men) are already part of our usual wardrobe, no matter how old we are, what our occupation, or our day-to-day lives.

In our catalog you can find black hoodies (men's), a casual (male) white hoodie, and black hoodies for women. You can use them in such a way that you can go from day wear to night wear in no time.

What is a hoodie?

A hoodie normally comes in black or white. It also usually has drawstrings to adjust the hood and sometimes a front zipper similar to that on a windbreaker. Sometimes it's lined on the inside with two-tone, or the hood has an edging. We're sure you have one of these great clothing items in your wardrobe – and even more than one. But if you don't, get one: it is part of the essential fashion wardrobe.

How to wear a hoodie

We are going to give you some tips on how to style your hoodie – because there are rules to follow. Sportswear is synonymous with comfort, lightness and ease. But we want to give you a few hints so that you don't end up looking like a teenager, or silly wearing a hoodie. If you wear a hoodie this winter, give it a casual, street-wear, and a sporty look. A hoodie with jeans and chinos is ever classy. The hood is always on the outside and shouldn't be extra-long or hide you (don't choose a size too large for you). The Freddy Chico Hoodie comes in intense colors with the logo of our favorite brand.

The next look is wearing torn denim and loafers with a hoodie to provide it with a counterpoint that is not always as classic as jeans with trainers. Our classic black hoodie for men is warm enough and goes with almost any shirt and pants. This style upgrade will give you a touch of elegance and visual identity to understand that elegance is not at odds with a sporty style.

The fusion madness: a hoodie with a suit. But not just any outfit, but rather something more fun and crazy. Many celebrities and superstars wear this style, so it is increasingly trending. It also suits all kinds of silhouettes very well. You can see how fun it can be to wear a hoodie but without being very extravagant or looking super weird or silly.

Hoodies are different from sweatshirts

The main difference between hoodies and sweatshirts – apart from the hood – is the inner fabric finsh. (The interior of the sweatshirts is plush known as French Terry.)

Hoodies usually have a practical and large kangaroo pocket and can be chosen in a large number of colors, with thicker or finer knit, between seasons. We always recommend a printed hoodie with a logo on the front to quickly make a statement. Zip-up hoodies allow for greater comfort if its cold outside. In general, they usually come with a full zip, but there are also models that come with a half zip.

There is a section of hoodies more fashionable than ever. We're talking about cotton hoodies here, without a doubt. Concern for sustainability and the environment grows day by day. Made from sustainable materials like cotton or recycled polyester, cotton hoodies are high quality and responsibly produced for both the planet and the workers. Soft, resistant, with fashionable cuts, our black hoodies for men are quality products that your wardrobe needs!

Long live the color revolution! If classic does not suit you, bet on the casual and sporty image, instead. Sometimes a detail can make a difference. A contrasting hood or sleeves of another color typical of baseball sweatshirts can make your clothes unique and striking. You can also choose camouflage print hoodies with vibrant color shirts.

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