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Men's Bomber Jacket

Men's Bomber Jacket: Sizes, Measurement and Equivalency Guide

Men's Bomber Jacket: Sizes, Measurement and Equivalency Guide

For years, the sporty style of men's bomber jacket has been budding a riveting trend. The black printed bomber jacket was a captivating garment in the late 70s and 80s. Those years' voluminous fashion was the ideal period for this bomber, which boasts the idea of striking patterns and colors. It was an outstanding era of introducing printed men's bomber jacket to the crowd. In the mid-90s, the bomber reappeared, but with a more rocky and modest style. At the beginning of the 21st century, hip-hop culture made it an iconic garment, using oversized forms.

Today, a printed bomber jacket for men returns to mesmerize our fellow friends. We love 'bombers' in metallic shades and black printed bomber jacket. Do not miss to check out the latest and trendiest men's bomber jacket on sale.

However, many of us still nag about finding the right size. Therefore, here is a quick guide for you all.

Men's bomber jacket: size and measurement equivalence guide

Buying understandable, necessary, or printed bomber jacket for men online can get you great low prices, specifically if men's bomber jacket is on sale. Unfortunately, buying clothes online could mean you do not fit. Stop worrying! Our extensive jacket size charts for standard sizes are easy to follow. Let us help and guide you on how to measure and adjust the sizes to find your perfect size easily. Just follow our measurement instructions, write down your waist in centimeters or inches, and use the calculator to find American or European jacket size. Read the instructions below carefully.

How can I know the size of my jacket?

It is necessary to measure various parts of the body to allow a perfect fit for the bomber jacket. However, an essential task is to take the right chest measurement, especially if your body proportion falls under standard (that is, you do not have long arms than average people) category. For a loose or secure fit, you should add 1-2 inches when taking chest measurement. For slim-fit, keep the exact size. Apart from the chest size, the length of the sleeve, shoulder, and jacket measurements are for matching the size. If you want to buy a black printed bomber jacket for casual events, you can choose a looser garment than for formal occasions.

How is the size of a men's bomber jacket measured?

Measure your chest and hip-width in inches or centimeters. If your chest width in inches is between 34 and 36 inches, and your hip-width between 39 and 40 centimeters, you are a size "L" (US) and 40 (European Size).

Chest measurement: the chest is an essential part to measure if you are looking for the perfect fit bomber jacket.

  • To measure, make sure you stand up straight. Relax your arms. We suggest seeking help from your friend, sibling, or your mother or husband to wrap the measuring tape around your chest to note down exact measurements.

  • Make sure that while using the measuring tape, you keep a little space (maximum one inch) on your body to be able to move freely.

  • Measure horizontally around the body with a measuring tape. For the bomber jacket, you can add an inch (for casual style).

Hip measurement: Follow the same steps as above to measure the hip. The difference is that the size is taken horizontally, covering the buttocks.

Height measurements: Please take off your shoes for proper measurements, from head to toe. The recommended measurement point is the door-frame, where it can stand up straight.

Waist measurement: The waist measurement is the next step so be ready for it. Here the measurement tape goes around the waist.

Jacket Length Measurement: The ideal jacket length will largely depend on the type of jacket you want to buy. Standard jacket sizes is available is numerous styles and shapes. If you are shorter or taller than average, you should measure your upper body first. For a bomber jacket, measure down to the top of the thigh for a longer coat measurement to just above the knee.

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