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Men's Polo Shirts

The Origin of the Men's Polo Shirts

The Origin of the Men's Polo Shirts

Some clothing brands are classic and will always be part of our wardrobes. Due to their versatility and elegance, Freddy Chico men's Polo T-shirts are one of those essential garments for everyday looks. Today, let us introduce you to a bit of the history and evolution of this basic Freddy Chico Polo T-shirt that it is today.

The Origin:

Polo is closely associated with polo sport. The origin of which is estimated to have been in the late 9th century in India. British soldiers settled in India witnessed a polo match, where two teams of local riders played against each other with the aim of scoring goals. It was then that these soldiers decided to form the first Polo Club.

The sport remained highly popular among members of the British navy and British tea growers in India. The traditional outfit at the time consisted of a thick cotton long-sleeved shirt. This shirt was not very comfortable for playing polo, so they decided to add a button-down collar, which is the Polo T-Shirt today! For a chic touch and twist, check out the Freddy Chico Men's Polo T-Shirts collection online.

In 1862, this sport came to England. Before long, John E. Brooks, grandson of the founder of the American brand Brooks Brothers, arrived in England on a business trip. It was then when during one of the polo matches, the neck of the players' shirts caught their attention. When he returned to the United States, he introduced these collared shirts with two small buttons at the corners to secure it. In 1896, the first Polo shirt reached the market.

It was then when a white, short-sleeved garment, made of cotton, loose, with a flat neck, the buttoned shirt became popular. You can discover the new range of Freddy Chico Show T-shirts online.

The Polo evolution

In the 1950s, players in the United States preferred wearing Polo brand t-shirts. In 1951, renowned brands began to market more colors by selling them at a very high price, which meant they were destined for a more exclusive market. In 1953, this garment began to gain popularity in other sports, mainly when the President of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower, used a white polo to play golf.

Nowadays, polo shirts remain popular among players to this day. In golf, for example, its use is mandatory. Besides, over the years, it has also become an essential garment in the non-sports world.

As you can see, polo has gone from being a garment created for its comfort for the world of sports, to being an indispensable item in any wardrobe, including yours. You already know that at it was then when a white, short-sleeved garment, made of cotton, loose, with a flat neck, the buttoned Polo shirt remains popular. Discover an excellent new range of Freddy Chico, and we design high-quality Freddy Chico Polo T-Shirts. Enter our website and discover the wide variety of colors and fabrics that we have available for you. Choose Freddy Chico Men's Polo T-Shirt in solid colors, short sleeves with embroidery.

At Freddy Chico, you will find a wide variety of black, white, red, and unicolor polo shirts. They are a sports garment design for comfort and longevity, especially those for men. They are comfortable and perfect for any casual look. Combine them with men's jeans. Be a trendsetter!

Why Freddy Chico Show T-shirt

Highly versatile and combinable, the shirts adapt to any look without losing their main attribute: comfort. This season find your collection of Freddy Chico Men's Polo T-Shirts embroidered and in a variety of plain and patterned polo shirts and striking designs. Choose the one you like!

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