Tips and Tricks to Wear a Bucket Hat

Tips and Tricks to Wear a Bucket

The hat has been part of men and women's clothing since ancient times. Its use, meaning, and language, however, have varied over time. Hence, the expression "take off the hat," discovering the head, was a sign of respect and recognition of the person before whom you take off your hat. In other times, the hat was a symbol of social position and even of political significance. Currently, it is one more fashion accessory, although its use and perception are not the same in Spain as in Great Britain, for example. Each society has had its personal story with a hat. In almost all ancient civilizations, the hat was a necessary accessory of clothing in all social classes, although it is present in some cultures than in others. Let us not lose sight of the Egyptian or Babylonian hats.

Today, we all woo the bucket hat!

Today, we experience a rebirth of the bucket hat as a complement to distinguished fashion. A bucket hat is a fashion accessory that was indispensable in the past and is experiencing a resurgence. We see it again both on the street